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Capturing your little monsters this Halloween

I’ve been away on holiday for the last week, attending a friend’s beautiful wedding in Cyprus. But, I’ve returned just in time for the Halloween fun/chaos.

I absolutely love Halloween, particularly dressing up my little monsters.

Each year, mums get more and more adventurous with their kid’s costumes and I love trawling the internet for new inspiration… things have definitely come a long way since throwing on a bin bag and calling yourself a witch 😊

Here's some top tips for capturing the best Halloween photography of your little monsters:

  1. Use Props – take advantage of the Halloween decorations and props around, and use them at your disposal!

  2. Creative Costumes – it goes without saying, make sure to photograph the creepy costumes you see this Halloween.

  3. Use spooky Silhouettes – dare to be different and use the shapes of the costumes and props to make artistic silhouettes

  4. Scare away!! Don’t’ be too polite and go full on scary, to create terrifying imagery.

  5. Take in the Spooky Scenery – consider your backdrop and location in order to capture the most eerie snaps

  6. Get the furry friends involved – pets are a brilliant prop for any photo shoot, and can bring comedy as well as horror to your Halloween images

  7. Have someone shine a flashlight from one side of the child (on just some of your photos). It will produce a unique lighting effect for your pictures. Better yet, experiment with different colours of light — red, blue, and green will make some unique Halloween photos!

  8. Don’t shoot from too far away - You don’t always have to shoot your kids from head-to-toe, especially since shoes are often the weakest part of a costume. Instead, get in close and fill the frame.

  9. Red eye or not? – you can prevent red-eye by taking non-posed shots, because your child won’t be looking directly at the camera/flash. Or you can distract them from looking directly at the camera. However, if your child is a vampire or some other spooky character – you may actually want red eye as it will add a brilliant effect!

  10. Get down on their level - Take some of your shots from a child’s-eye-level, bending down to capture the child’s perspective. Or you could even lie down somewhere near the child and point the camera up at them to take the shot.

  11. Take photos of your child in costume with and without their mask. Take these photos on the same night and you'll appreciate it later.

I hope these tips help, and you enjoy capturing your little devils this Halloween.

Have a terrifically terrifying Halloween!

Love, Kellie x

Here’s a few of my favourite Halloween photographs and ideas that I came across on my search:

FYI - I cannot take credit for these photographs

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