Ideas for Christmas photography

I couldn’t be happier with the results of this year’s Christmas photography, and I've been overwhelmed with the feedback from happy customers.

I particularly love hearing how they plan to use the digital photography - from creating festive artwork for their walls and making personalised Christmas cards and gifts, to creating magical decorations for their homes.

Here’s a few things I’ve found when browsing the internet, which anyone could use to bring festive photography to life around their home:

sequin photo bauble
photo bauble

These sequin filled baubles are stunning. They feature your own little message under your mini photo.

These are on Etsy priced at £12.50

Click here to visit the seller

Using this, you can create your own bauble - just unscrew the top and add your favourite photo, to hang special memories using the included silver thread.

I found it on, priced at £4.99

In my opinion, you can never have too many fairy lights (at Christmas). So, using this device, you could let your Christmas photography light up around your home.

Priced at £14.98 (USA retailer).

Click here to visit the website

With a bit of computer wizardry, a printer and some card you can use the festive photography to create your own Christmas cards.

Or if you prefer, use online service like Funkypigeon or Moonpig.

Create your own Christmas photo Snow Globe, and bring your images to snowy-life.

Here's an option from Photobox - currently priced at £9.99