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Radmin Keymaker Unable To Get Environment leagar




variable sauvin: /boot/ is for the kernel sauvin: if you are talking about "OS" ikonia, yes, I get that. sauvin: then why do you want to install grub there? ikonia, grub is not installed to /boot. sauvin: it has to be, as the BIOS boots from there. Does anyone here have experience with doing digital signatures? I have a hash of the MD5 checksum of a.tar.bz2 file, and I'm trying to verify it against a private key. Any advice on how to proceed? Beldar, software sources has something to do with adding repo's. sauvin: you've not actually said that you are putting grub onto that partition ikonia, no, I don't want to put grub anywhere. sauvin: so why are you installing it to a /boot partition? ikonia, I'm doing this over at the #archlinux channel. sauvin: ok, so arch has nothing to do with the issue - and has not installed grub to /boot ikonia, I suppose not. sauvin: so you're not using grub, just trying to put it into /boot, but it's not on the partition, so it's not booting It boots without grub, and it boots with grub. sauvin: so why are you putting grub onto a /boot partition sauvin: it's not booted sauvin: I've not even started to explain the reason grub is on a partition - it's not No, I'm running archlinux right now, and I'm setting up a dual-boot for the first time. sauvin: so how are you putting grub onto /boot? I'm setting up grub by hand right now.




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Radmin Keymaker Unable To Get Environment leagar

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