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Super Hero Challenge


If this current climate has taught me anything it’s that superheroes aren’t only in comic books they are around us every single day working away in silence to provide us with whatever we need to live our lives.


These people don’t do it for the likes on Instagram or the pats on the back they do it because helping people is all they know.


The debt we owe these people is immeasurable and I have been really wanting to do a little something to say thanks to the amazing key workers that have kept the country going during these scary and uncertain times.


I have decided that I would like to give away 5 free shoots to the amazing keyworkers of this country.


So whether you are a doctor, nurse, delivery driver, shop assistant, care assistant or volunteer no matter what job you are doing, if you are going out day in day out putting it all on the line without a single thought for your own well being then this shoot is for you.


Could people please nominate a superhero who fits the bill and we will choose 5 people at random to come into our city centre studio.


As I said previously we can never thank you enough for what you are all doing but hopefully this will be a small gesture might brighten up handful of people’s day and provide an escape from the madness

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